Celebrity Chef Das Sreedharan connects Nature, food and community in his newly-opened facility Rasa Gurukul,in Chalakudy

In a bid to connect Nature, food and community, chef and owner of the UK-based Rasa chain of restaurants, Das Sreedharan, has opened Rasa Gurukul, his resort in Chalakudy, near Thrissur. He wants the ‘Gurukul’ (a learning centre) to embody the culture of India, and get the youth involved in the mission for which it has been set up.Hence this property, developed as a self-sufficient village of his childhood “where everybody knew everybody”, is his way of perpetuating a truly Indian life style. “This is my way of making children understand the great qualities of a village, it has so much equality. It is also about creating a balance between the past and the present.”