Rasa - Taste of tradition

"Shockingly good Keralan food. The culinary flair and attention to detail is thrillingly apparent. Indisputably outstanding in all respects..."
Guy Diamond - Time Out.

"What Indian food probably needs more than anything is its own celebrity chef. The energetic and photogenic Sreedharan seems the most likely candidate."
Fiona Buckett - The Times

"The bloke's a complete genius and such a nice guy. The food's fantastic and inspiring. I have taken people to his restaurant on about ten occasions just to show off."
Jamie Oliver

"For a restaurant so new in the market, the service is friendly and assured, but it is the quality of the food that will make Rasa an instant winner."
Charles Campion - Evening Standard

"This is probably the best vegetarian food you'll find in the West End".
Caroline Stacey - The Independent

"I'll tell you how much I love Rasa: I'm going to go there at least once a week...the food is nothing short of celestial".
India Knight - The Sunday Times, Style Magazine

"The man who popularised Nair cooking in London opens the first fast food joint in the city... Simply great".
Ravi Shanklar - India Today International