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  • Simple cooking, positive theories

    Sean Connolly fired up this dialogue midway through our dinner chat. Whilst filtering an expression, he asked, "Happiness is definitely possible through a curry mindfulness; why don't we foster a journey to absorb curry philosophy the way it has real potential?" It was a good enough start to think deeper into a longstanding notion, to impart positive viewpoints we gathered from the kitchens and the progression in taste making. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan | Express News Service | Published: 20th May 2017
  • 6 Ancient Traditions From Kerala We Must All Follow

    Perched over the Chalakudy River, in a quaint town 25 kilometres from Cochin International Airport, I discovered a hushed hideaway that effortlessly blends beauty with well-being. A beautiful, back-to-nature retreat, Rasa Gurukul was Das Sreedharan's dream and passion who is relaxed and fun with an infectious smile. Read more »

    Shivangana Vasudeva , NDTV   |  Published: April 04, 2017
  • Veg vs non-veg diner war

    Black Friday (November 25) never beheld so prominent like this year; probably we missed the usual signs on a festival spell, which attracts huge crowds. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 10th December 2016
  • Spirituality of a wizard

    It's extremely rare to meet people who leave eternal impression in your life, especially restaurant operators. Long ago when I started our first restaurant and as we became successful, veterans from the restaurant sector used to visit us—Rose Gray, Antonio Carluccio, Terence Conran, et al. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 19th November 2016
  • Ayurveda's food for thought

    National Ayurveda Day was on October 28, and there was enough excitement around some clinics of this pioneer medical science of India, although the build-up for Diwali diminished a latent superior celebration. Like yoga, ayurveda has evolved in India and abroad, primarily in hotels and resorts for their spa-related activities. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 05th November
  • The flow of love in food

    Monsoon has never been so erratic in Kerala as this year, much less rainfall to be precise. It wasn't that bad though; early morning outbursts and cooling sunset rains make life virtually comfortable and consistent. The season's ayurveda treatments and diet have become popular with visitors and locals, and it's a time to relax and eat healthy, simple food. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 20th August 2016
  • Hunger in a festive season

    Like everything has to transmute for some time, a gorgeous summer's just slipping away slowly into a wet and grey autumn. Mid-summer heat still persists, and London's greenery and colours continue to shine even in early October. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 15th October
  • How Soulful Indian Cooking Wins The World

    India is reaching out and staying in people's mind. With its spiritual flavours, our food is an important ingredient in this journey and needs our attention, realisation and warmth, says Das Sreedharan. - See more at: http://creativeindiamag.com/countries/uk/the-great-indian-curry-consciousness/#sthash.m6xIBjwN.6l60pl4r.dpuf Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 20th August 2016
  • Lessons learnt from a Kerala teashop's past

    There are numerous factors common about West Bengal and Kerala, which contributed to the progress and intellect of their people. Among many concurring features, teashop culture was one that we fondly recall, since a beautiful childhood in the village. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 11th June 2016
  • Chole Bhature Sprinkled with Nostalgia

    Reminiscence of mother's cooking has forever influenced people of our generation as fondness of her dishes and tender care live with us everyday. There are special eateries with similar and rare delicacies, which make us travel distances to savour them from time to time. More than anything else, a dish becomes an ultimate endorsement of a place and incredible affinity with its culture. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 30th January 2016
  • Food Wasted is Food Denied to Millions

    Autumn months are among the busiest ones in restaurants. Irrespective of any other social or economic changes, the Christmas crowd has never changed. A last table talk of the year started at table 10 with a unique lady with no bags or fatigue of Oxford Street shopping crowd. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 02nd January 2016
  • Indian Flavours Flourish in Lands Far, Far Away

    There's no doubt about the influence of Indian food in the UK. Besides high street curry houses, supermarkets, weddings or corporate parties, pubs too promote rice and curry as their speciality. So it was no surprise to see an Indian dinner at the function in Wembley during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 12th December 2015
  • A New Blend of Indian Flavours in Dubai

    Several years ago when oil was discovered in the Middle East, going to Persian gulf for employment was a common trend across South India. This new opportunity brought so much hope for poor and less educated people to leave the country to make a decent living. Our food and culture followed those Arabian dreamers too. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 24th October 2015
  • 'Food is a source of ultimate happiness'

    Das Sreedharan on the long and miraculous journey to setting up the Rasa chain of restaurants, and his plans on rekindling the delights of the farm-to-plate experience Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: September 23 2015
  • Food, Festivals and Light in London's Eye

    The multi-cultural society of Britain and London's Mayor make a genuine effort to reach out to every community possible by celebrating an array of festivals including Diwali, St Patrick's Day, Feast of St George, Eid, and New Year's Eve Fireworks etc. It has worked wonderfully over the years. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 10th October 2015
  • Food Becomes the Talk of Speakers' Corner

    The city of London would have been so empty without its tourists on Sundays. No Londoner would travel to the city centre for a meal or shopping on weekends. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 26th September 2015
  • Eateries Make Highways Heaven or Hell

    Long road trips are very common in Britain. Whether for work or leisure, people enjoy a good drive to destinations, sometimes even crossing the borders to reach France and European countries, for holidays. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 12th September 2015
  • The Healthy Highs of Monsoon Meals

    Monsoon, a feature documentary by Sturla Gunnarsson, was shown as a part of the British India Film Festival. It was really a wonderful cinematic journey into a terrain where nature, belief, science and wonder converge. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Updated: 28th August 2015
  • Healthy Food Habits Start From School

    School meals have been the subject of debate for so long that it has made significant modifications in several countries. During my time working with primary schools in Sunderland and Durham, I understood students’ curiosity and fascination for cooking and flavours. Some passionate head teachers who took initiatives to introduce people like us to light up their imagination on food made this possible. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 08th August 2015
  • On a Road to Happiness With Fast and Feast

    "You have to accept gifts from God without questions. Just like a job, family and wealth, accept illness and bad times with equal humility and gratitude. Eid Mubarak everyone!" Holding a large box full of sweets and with his graceful smile, Aboobakar started talking to our team. The end of the fasting period is a happy day in restaurants as our colleagues start eating normally with us. Read more »

    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 25th July 2015
  • Mind, Body and Food for a Better Future

    The United Nations has confirmed June 21 as International Yoga Day after our prime minister suggested the same during his UN speech last year. This announcement definitely created a worldwide momentum in the direction of this Indian spiritual gift to the world. It was indeed a fresh start for our new generation and yet another big reason to understand India as the home to mystical science.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 11th July 2015
  • Fowl Has Been a Friend and an Inspiration

    "NASA has studied whether a chicken could survive a trip to Mars since we are unlikely to leave this planet without one. 100 million tons of meat and a trillion eggs every year, this wild jungle fowl has become world's most loved food," reveals Andrew Lawler in his book Why Did the Chicken Cross the World.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 27th June 2015
  • Fragrance Narrates the Success of a Good Cook

    "Sita's senses became familiar with secrets of spices. She learned how Brahma becomes Brahman, seeker and transmitter of wisdom at the same time. This very thought made her smile," states a folklore on Sita's kitchen.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 13th June 2015
  • Das Capital

    For celebrity Chef Das Sreedharan, cooking is a philosophical quest.He is set to open his culinaryacademy, Rasa Gurukul,in Chalakudy

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 15th June 2015
  • A Tale of Gold Told With Shades of Black

    “My head’s reeling. Is this what I travelled around the world for? I progressed across hills and valleys of life with a smile. In a foreign land, I felt blessed with opportunity and future of food and yet, I don’t think people (spices) react in circumspect. I feel sad,” whispered a black pepper called ‘George’, spinning away in gloom as he hopped into the hot cooking pan.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 30th May 2015
  • Southern Comfort on a Banana Leaf

    It was four in the morning. Routing thin darkness, the soothing comfort of silence and focus within, chef Sasi pushed his long ladle in to the depth of the enormous bronze vessel. With a vibrant resonance of rhythmic movements, he touched the corners and began preparing the last item of the menu, 'palada payasam' (special rice pudding) for the feast of the day at almost the same time we started our long drive on M1 towards north.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 16th May 2015
  • The Great Chettinad Culinary Experience

    Over the years, we have been watching the India pavilion at the World Travel Martshow in London. Some states never got the deserved footfall of tourists in spite of having so much history, natural beauty, incredible temples and fabulous cuisine. Kerala has been an exception in the recent past, thanks to brilliant officers like Amitabh Kant and Venu and their contribution to the tourism industry.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 02nd May 2015
  • Artistes and Their Love for Culinary Experiments

    This was a journey to find out people who understand, appreciate and carry the taste of food forever, the experience that sometimes make them better at what they do and we were fortunate to hear several magic words.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 18th April 2015
  • The Fruit of Gods and the Wonders it Does

    Many years ago our villages were self-sufficient. We were closer to nature and learned many uses of one thing and had plenty to give away to friends and neighbours. Among other things which contributed to that abundance, coconut comes first in all coastal communities due to its manifold uses in life. From cooking to being used in Ayurvedic medicines, coconut was used abundantly as it was rightly called the 'fruit of Gods'.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 04th April 2015
  • Solitary Diners and the Moment of Disconnection

    A famous scene from the movie The Lonely Guy rightly depicts what single diners go though when they order food. In the scene known as 'Dinner for one please', when actor Steve Martin walks into a posh restaurant and tells the maître d' 'am alone', the room grinds to a halt while a theatrical spotlight follows the sad sack to his seat.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 21st March 2015
  • For the Sweet Love of Bitter Gourd

    A fragrance-filled vegetal orchard always brings back the memories of childhood days I spent with my mother. Her love for nature and cows was legendary; we swayed and merged tastefully with plants and vegetables every time we visited our vegetable garden in the mornings.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 07th March 2015
  • Life of a Restaurant Rests on a Waiter

    "I have met several waiters who have at least one knife-throwing-chef story in their repertoire. The best way to explain this is to understand that kitchen staff and waiters are like the Palestinians and Israelis, separate and distinct nationalities uncomfortably sharing the same volatile piece of real estate,"

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 21st February 2015
  • Starting a New Season on Valentine's Day

    Chef Rajan has been amorously excited about creating a new organic cutlet for the upcoming Valentine's Day, as usual it's a night of drama for us and a new (exclusive) menu counts a lot. While preparing beetroots, carrots and potatoes, he thought about the many 14th February evenings of the past 20 years and our efforts to make meals memorable.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 07th February 2015
  • The Good, Bad and Ugly of Mid-air Banquet

    Pressing my face against the glass window I gazed at the aircraft, it was my first sight of an airplane. That was the day we were taken to see off our Uncle who was an executive for Indian Airlines. His homecoming meant a prospect to visit the airport—an otherwise rare opportunity to meet famous people.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 24th January 2015
  • Thoughts and Dreams for a New Beginning

    I had a great experience at a children's home at Palakkad in Kerala once. It was a dazzling Sunday morning—many a time I wake up with the memories of the day and the place. It has been almost three decades since I left home to chase a dream, but fond memories of people and places have always been a great inspiration as I recollect these experiences often.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 10th January 2015
  • Curry at a Restored Kings Cross Godown

    At the northern interface of London, Kings Cross station presents a majestic design with its new look today. This major railway terminus was erected in 1852 and connects you to the North East, Yorkshire and eastern Scotland. An extensive restoration scheme was undertaken in 2005 and over £500 million was expended to revamp this historic station to bring about a dazzling fresh appearance to the whole area.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 20th December 2014
  • Culinary Cults Sans the Woman Power

    Sunita's 'Gopalan Organics' in Bangalore was a nice surprise last month; vegetables were fetched directly from her farm, fresh and full of flavours. We loved her garden-fresh okra, which grow easily and obtainable most of the time now. Its shape, colour and flavour evenly enthral people who appreciate it.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 06th December 2014
  • A Colourful Start to Our Winter Season

    There's more to Christmas and autumn than an early setting sun, rising moon and blossoming new moods and synergies on Oxford Street's overflowing 2.5 km-long shopping zone. Festival illuminations have been beautifying the street from November every year since 1959, switched on by a celebrity with music. The street is awake again for yet another gigantic bash. I relish the mystic glow as stars come down collectively in multicolour eclipses and seal every space in the street.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 22nd November 2014
  • Seraph of Taste and Food Journalism

    All of springtime in 1994 our Krishna was smiling behind a brass lamp. We followed a ritual of sharing ideas, fasting together with determination to face destiny with pleasure. One day we noticed a wonder—the left earring of this colourful statue started moving back and forth, and we knew things would change rapidly!

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 08th November 2014
  • The Art of Tempering the Fiery Ego Within

    It was another blustery midsummer evening, in effect the opening of a valuable table talk season and new stories. We had a hectic day at the restaurant; Andrea and Douglas arrived for their habitual dinner of the week.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 25th October 2014
  • The Hundred-Foot Journey to Good Food

    We are momentously influenced by films. As children we learned to fantasise essentially by watching them and mysteriously tracking attractive components in stories. Romance, flair, trend, even ecstasy and melancholy gushed out of our village screens.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 11th October 2014
  • A Pilgrimage Along the Kabini River

    As we unify global cultures and lifestyles, the most obvious change has been the upsurge of sabbatical inclinations in people. Several countries celebrate success though tourism related endeavours and the world population travels across continents to enjoy, explore and educate themselves. There's another group who never consider holidays or travel, they argue that consistent, unshakable daily routines make life unassumingly content.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 28th September 2014
  • People You Meet On Your Way To Work

    Serving people is all about a lot of observation, care and charm. Having been in this profession virtually three decades now, I have taken this task to even outside my restaurants. A novel smile and unsullied chat craft friendships; it's delightful when you observe pleasure as they value your endeavour. Like a fallacy back home, "Everything given and taken on the first day of the month will be recurrent entire month".

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 13th September
  • The Fiesta of Equality, Bounty and Nostalgia

    As we become adult and move away from home, leaving behind beautiful experiences, memories give us strength to outlive, preserve our nostalgia for a whole epoch. People back home may never value preciousness of these pearls that colour our imagination and enrich our personalities. It does not hold much significance today as majority of the festivities are on the telly than with real people amid nature.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 30th August 2014
  • Entrepreneurs who think 'society': advantage early movers

    Independent thinking, persistence in enterprise pave the way for slow, steady change

    New ventures, great exits and multi-million dollar funding news aside, entrepreneurs in India are going beyond the 'hot' technology sector. Start-up Island has in the past spoken to small business owners concerned with social betterment, the environment, health and education.

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    (This article was published on August 25, 2014)
  • Soul Food and the Sound of Silence

    Can you imagine someone seeking out a noiseless eatery in a carmmed metropolis like London? The really is all of us occasionally crave a meal without much clatter around...

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 17th August 2014
  • A Pickle & Chutney Tasting Holiday

    "Cleopatra attributed her good looks to a hearty diet of pickles!" There can't be a healthier recognition for a beauty and nutritional aide.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 03rd August 2014 06:00 AM
  • 'Food is god to me'

    Sheila Kumar in conversation with London-based chef, restaurateur and inveteraterice loverDas Sreedharan.

    Das Sreedharan went to London to study accountancy, but ended up opening the Rasa chain of restaurants and making his mark in global cuisine. Sreedharan, who appears frequently on British television, is the author of four popular cookbooks and the founder of a social enterprise venture called Rasa Institutions in the U.K. He has now trained his sights on home shores: Rasa Bangalore opened a few months ago, and a new project Rasa Gurukul, a centre for culinary excellence, is in the works. Excerpts from an interview with the chef-restaurateur-culinary impresario.

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    Published: July 27, 2014
  • Realm of the Elderly and the Way Forward

    We were filming an old Brahmin cook for BBC. Preparing avial was a melodious experience, every time he touched the shiny bronze uruli, sound and flavour rhythmically swivelled and so did our love for the retired cook. We knew ageing is not in anybody's control and truth is we will also be there some day. Let's begin this feature from a food perspective and organically flourish, to glorify this magnificent voyage of life.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 20th July 2014 06:00 AM
  • Realm of the Elderly and the Way Forward

    We were filming an old Brahmin cook for BBC. Preparing avial was a melodious experience, every time he touched the shiny bronze uruli, sound and flavour rhythmically swivelled and so did our love for the retired cook.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 20th July 2014 06:00 AM
  • Making Food Easy For Faster Growth

    Visited a global food solution establishment that specialises in recipe blends last week. "We are the people you need for industrially modified support system," said the gentleman, pointing at many exhibited food tins and sachets. Sitting in this corporate kitchen overlooking a busy highway, I felt dizzy and somewhat in pain.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 06th July 2014 06:00 AM
  • Summer Joy with Juicy Mangoes

    A timeless tale, in its season at least one mango dish was a must item part of every conventional feast. A funny Brahmin lad had the hobby of picking whole mango from popular yogurt curry whilst sitting on the floor for customary banana leaf meal.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 22nd June 2014 06:00 AM
  • A Lot Can be Said Over a Cuppa

    Narendra Modi has just accomplished an election crusade with packed debates in tea shops. The country recently realised people exchange political views in the sanctuary of these street joints and Modi made the best out of a joke...

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 01st June 2014 06:00 AM
  • Nourishing the Natural Approach

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  • Simple Flavours and Money Matters

    The options for dinner had been agreed upon. Bitter gourd, mishmash dal and stir-fried mixed peppers. I was preparing the meal when I noticed Meena kneeling on the floor, gently stroking the leaves of the money plant.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 18th May 2014 06:00 AM
  • The American Who Loved the World

    "To know Jim was to know fervour, he was the personification of ambition to live spectacularly, he was precociously wise but managed to maintain a childlike optimism, and a remarkable sense of humour throughout his life,"

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 04th May 2014 06:00 AM
  • Duke Of Cambridge, an Organic Gastro Pub

    The Granita Pact 1994, a confidential meeting of New Labour and the political knot between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown materialised at a restaurant called Granita on Islington's Upper Street. That celebrated dinner created decent hype for the restaurants in the area.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 20th April 2014 06:00 AM
  • Lunching at Rasa India

    Pink is a colour that I find hard to ignore. So when we spotted the bright pink restaurant called Rasa at CMH Road, we had to pay a visit despite the fact that they serve pure vegetarian food. Yes, I still find it extremely difficult to sit through a meat-free meal. But the simple, flavoursome, homestyle food at the pretty restaurant was definitely a refreshing change on a hot afternoon.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  The Fork Tales   |  Published: April 8, 2014
  • Aftab and the Other Delivery Boys

    A freezing winter morning in Hackney. The city was fast asleep, but in some places, life was normal and lively. At New Spitalfields Market, one guy was rushing with cases of tomatoes on his shoulder and a bag of carrot in his right hand.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  The Hindu   |  Published: 07th April 2014 06:00 AM
  • Distilling the real rasa

    After taking the United Kingdom by storm, restaurateur Das Sreedharan comes to town. He talks about his food philosophy, and his love for the humble morukozhambu

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  The Hindu   |  Published: April 2, 2014 03:22 IST
  • The Healing Touch of Food, Conversation

    It’s always a pleasure to cook with people, even better to add story telling and a bit of healing touch too. It’s been a while since I tried this in London; mother’s untimely demise was one big reason, finding a passionate group was another.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 23rd March 2014 06:00 AM
  • The Golden Season for Restaurants

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  • The Golden Season for Restaurants

    As I embarked on a special drive, I could see the sky slowly pushing the dark clouds away to reveal the milky way. It was 8pm. Romance was the theme on 14th February, and like every year with fidelity, consistency and supreme pride, our city got ready for that fantastic twilight.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 02nd March 2014 12:00 AM
  • The Heavenly Taste of Temple Food

    Stop! A loud voice was heard as we approached the big gathering on the left of the temple. The Pal Payasam caravan was on the march into the shrine from the auspicious kitchen, thousands of litres of boiling rice pudding making its way from the gigantic vessel into the God's Altar for the sermon before getting blessed and distributed to the crowd.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 16th February 2014 06:00 AM
  • A Box Full of Love at Lunch Hour

    Mathew John was a history teacher at the high school in our village. With his fruity language and fair looks he had the better of attention from kids during our time. In the misty fragrant mornings we saw him with his colleagues Raj and Diwakar in the pool next to the temple, at our teashop for breakfast and again for lunch later in the afternoon.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 19th January 2014 06:00 AM
  • Cooking, Cocaine and the Nigella Story

    A glorious year for the food business is coming to an end; the revival of the market and steady progress having brought about renewed hope. In this last conversation, let's dwell on an unpleasant story that bothered us in the industry and managed to get much attention.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 05th January 2014 12:00 AM
  • A Day in the Life of an Unlikely Kitchen Star

    Sachin Tendulkar retired from International cricket two weeks ago and it's understandable how fans and the media reacted. But what about small stars like me who are useful too in your life? As usual I woke up to a huge roar from the television in the living room and from the glasshouse I stay in, I could see everything that was going on.

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  • A Grand opening : Anil Kumble graces the occasion ( No googlies were forthcoming)

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  • Smiling Children and Future of Hospitality

    You have to be very fortunate to work in a profession of your dreams and a one that makes you happy.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  ENS   |  Published: 24th November 2013 06:00 AM
  • Roti chai and masala zoning in London

    Walking down a side street next to Camden Town, I turned swiftly into the crowded High Road towards The Whole Food Store where I source my organic ingredients.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  ENS   |  Published: 10th November 2013 06:00 AM
  • A happy home with the man in the kitchen

    How does a five-year-old know "what's cooking?" I had no clue when our father took us to the kitchen to help mother with the day-to-day preparation of food. He was a remarkable husband, an awesome family man who understood the spirit of sharing work at home.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 27th October 2013 02:32 PM
  • Seasonal food at its Keralite best

    The first thing that struck us about Rasa India was the colour pink when we spotted the restaurant in Indira Nagar. It also helped that a huge banner announced that our sister publication Time Out London had dubbed it the best vegetarian restaurant in London.

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    By Bijal Vachharajani   |  Published: 25th October 2013 8:15 AM
  • London market where cultural barriers break

    It's no secret that the food culture has exploded in recent years, that foodies have been split into tribes and more and more people get their food from even narrower outlets.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 13th October 2013 12:00 AM
  • An Indian monsoon and god's own children

    Monsoon had an extended spell throughout India this year. Starting from the far south, heavy rain climbed across north and broke into even the highest altitudes. With it we had unexpected damages, it killed hundreds of people, so many houses and buildings were washed away and enormous amount of agricultural wealth ruined.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 29th September 2013 12:00 AM
  • Envisioning a global hospitality workforce

    For Das Sreedharan, a leading restaurateur in London for the past two decades, food is not just a business; it is also about using it to give back to the society. So when he recently opened Rasa India, in Indiranagar, he had other big plans too.

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    By Shyama Krishna Kumar   |  Published: 18th September 2013 09:56 AM
  • The art of being a successful boss

    Engrossed in the making of Bombay Aloo is Mohammed, a kitchen porter-turned-chef of Royal India restaurant in Brick Lane. He was crowned the head just a month after he started work, as the head chef ran away to a rival Kingdom near White Chapel for a few extra bucks.

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    By Das Sreedharan   |  Published: 15th September 2013 12:59 PM
  • Lounge Review | Rasa India, Bangalore

    Rasa, the chain of restaurants in London, is now in Bangalore as Rasa India. Chef and food writer Das Sreedharan is excited about his new experiment that launched quietly on CMH Road, Indiranagar, less than a month ago. "I have so many plans, but it will all have to roll out slowly," says Sreedharan, who opened his first restaurant, Rasa, in London in 1994. The author of four cookbooks who has featured on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, sources all his vegetables from organic farmers around Bangalore.

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    By Pavitra Jayaraman   |  Published: 14th September 2013 12:08 AM
  • Creative juices

    Das Sreedharan opened his first restaurant in 1994 in London and called it Rasa to represent all the senses involved when eating. Now, 19 years and seven restaurants later, Sreedharan has opened his first restaurant in India, Rasa India in Bangalore. "When my mother served me food, she would hide and watch my expression from the next room. My expressions were her compliments," he says.

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    By Pavitra Jayaraman   |  Published: 12th September 2013 04:12 PM
  • Taste of Kerala comes home from London

    You might wonder what all the fuss is about when you first hear about Rasa. A very successful chain of seven restaurants in London specializing in food from God's Own Country Kerala and launching its first Indian outlet in Bangalore owned by Das Shreedharan, a self made millionaire.

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    By Jackie Pinto  |   Published: 08th September 2013 12:00 AM