That was long ago ,now you can enjoy authentic indian dishes at reasonable price at restaurants or you can cook at home. Gone are the days people believed cooking indian dishes is complicated . Recently i was discussing with one of our customer( she is an italian but for the last 12 years living in london) in Rasa about Indian cuisines ,She was talking non stop about how she fell in love with keralan cusines and how she started cooking it for her husband. “My husband was my tool for experiment “ she said . Early days of cooking was terrible ,he disliked my cooking flair just because flavours were not balanced . But now he always says “you could be a better chef than most of the Indian restaurants” . I could sense her enthusiasm in her eyes while bragging about her Indian culinary skills . Out of curiosity i simply asked what’s on her table . I recognised it as a Rasa’s special lamb fry ( Adipoli erachi mulegue) and i was keen on how she is going to explain about it .

She smiled , smelled and chewed a piece of meat closing her eyes . Being closed her eyes she uttered every ingredients in that dish. I was spellbound by her precise details of the dish . I could only say you are marvelous never seen anyone like this before .

She is one among the many who believe in Indian cuisines. Her sheer determination to master this skill is just out of love and the magic it brings on family and in relationship .