Autumn months are among the busiest ones in restaurants. Irrespective of any other social or economic changes, the Christmas crowd has never changed. A last table talk of the year started at table 10 with a unique lady with no bags or fatigue of Oxford Street shopping crowd. Vidya looked rather chilled in her appearance and mannerism as we talked about the food waste catastrophe.

When it comes to a Christmas spree, food is as important as clothes and other things. People have the habit of buying extra food during holidays, especially in the past when shops were shut during the break while homes were full of family. Holding a book called Global Food Waste Scandal by Tristram Stuart, Vidya talked about the practice of wasting food in the West while millions live in hunger around the world. “Why do you need new clothes every season and more food than you could eat?” she asked.

Indeed, that was food for thought, and we walked around some supermarket bins early next morning. We saw fresh food being thrown away, sometimes just on its expiry date while it was still edible. It was only the tip of the iceberg. Industrial farmers discard chunks of their harvest when they don’t match the strict cosmetic standards imposed by supermarkets.

This fascinating study helped us to understand the gravity of food wastage and urged us not to buy more than we needed. It’s so common to see people fill up their fridge with too much food. Our system has got so used to excess produce and nobody cares about wasted stuff. With tempting deals like ‘buy two packets and get the third one free’, super markets tempt you to buy more.