By Das Sreedharan

The city of London would have been so empty without its tourists on Sundays. No Londoner would travel to the city centre for a meal or shopping on weekends. A lot of restaurants would remain shut on Sundays for long time until tourism regained its fluency and more people came to fill the spaces, including Indian holidaymakers who would like to have a traditional meal at least once a day after tiring travel schedules and eating boring sandwiches.

Petina Gappah, a Zimbabwean lady, was at the door this Sunday before we opened for business. Harish kindly let her in and had his usual table talk on tourist locations in London. We come across people from various parts of the world on a daily basis yet never really know what draws them to London other than famous monuments.

Harish had a fascinating chat with this lady about Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park. Petina requested for chicken samosa and fried fish to take with her, as biryani meal box was not available in the weekend. She was on her way to the park to enjoy another experience of Speakers’ Corner and kept on narrating her experience of this popular Sunday destination.