Morukachiyathu (Moru curry )  is not dead ,still flourishing and the one of the best choice for our regulars at Rasa. Why this is favoured by many is still a secret. Unfortunately this is unknown to many food lovers, mainly because, this is exclusive to south Indian cuisine. Truly, not a popular dish like chicken biriyani , paneer tikka masala primarly because  this is not accompanied with tandoori dishes. When i have any dish with overpowering taste, i choose morukachiyathu to ease its extreme dislike flavours. This has rescued me many times. I have fallen in love with this simple dish. No meal is complete without this humble dish.

It’s unimaginable to have south indian meal without this yummy dish. Its eye catchy yellowish colour ignites in you passion to lick it. Many times, i forgot my surroundings while savouring its sweet and tangy taste. When poured on steamed rice it enhances flavour of rice and in your mouth feels the true sense of healing.
Preparation is simple but, will amaze at the flavour it brings on your palette. Many times, i wonder how this easy, delicate dish has such a power to beautify your meal experience. Though we can prepare varied version of it the basic version itself is enough to have a divine experience. Though it is simple, mastering takes you little bit time. Initially, many face the problem of boiling it which loses it light texture, result in the formation of thick buttery.

Fetch the recipe from Fresh flavours of India by Das Sreedharan